How To Get Free Bitcoins: Earn Free Bitcoin In 2023

Here we will discuss how to get FREE bitcoins from different websites. Learn 16 efficient methods to start earning free bitcoins instantly:

Most of the genuine sites where you can earn free bitcoins require you to spend money on other things like:

In other words, they offer free bitcoins as an advertisement for their services. Otherwise, it takes time and effort to get free BTC given its high current value.

This tutorial will show you exactly how to get free bitcoins from different websites. We tend towards those platforms that are legitimate, use real free bitcoins to advertise the services they sell, and proven platforms. The most popular way to earn free bitcoins is by playing online games.

How to get free bitcoins

FAQ on how to get free bitcoins

Q #1) How do I get free bitcoins?

Answer: The best ways to earn free bitcoins are credit card purchase rewards, but you can also try airdrops, referral bonuses, games and enter trading contests if you are an expert or a beginner.

If you want to earn sizable bitcoins for free, keep reading this guide on how to earn free bitcoins, which includes rewards, signup welcome bonus, tips, tip bots, free mining and taps.

Q #2) How to get daily bitcoins for free?

Answer: The safest way with minimum effort is with tipping bots, bitcoin rewards games and airdrops. You can check Reddit, Telegram, Twitter and other social channels for information on airdrops or initial coin offering platforms where fundraising for projects is taking place.

Some people try to find ways like cheating and scamming, but you can also look for the real project and give away prizes in small contests.

Q #3) Is free Bitcoin real?

Answer: yes and no. For example, if you join a demo trading account, you will receive fake bitcoins that are not real. However, countless platforms offer small gifts in the form of real bitcoins if you want to try methods of earning free bitcoins.