How To Get Free Bitcoins: Earn Free Bitcoin In 2023 (Part 8)

#14) Earn cryptocurrency g ratis through faucets

Bitcoin faucets offer free bitcoin and crypto after completing a captcha or viewing online ads., a well-known security lab, also allows people to obtain cryptocurrencies for free by completing a captcha. You can then withdraw from your wallet.

• Bitcoinker is one of those sites where you get a free bitcoin captcha on the home page. Up to 100,000 satoshis every 5 minutes. You pay directly to your wallet address. Another faucet site is also offers free login and crypto tokens.

• Other faucets include FreeBitcoin, which has paid out a total of 199 BTC since its launch in 2018.

#15) Try apps and services

Examples of apps that allow you to earn free bitcoins are Storm Play, which rewards users for trying new games, products, and services. On the platform, you can also earn BTC, Ethereum, or Storm cryptocurrencies by buying and running microtasks like machine learning, QA testing, and P2P freelancing.

#16) Practice Cryptocurrency Trading or Simulate Cryptocurrency Trading

Crypto market prediction apps allow you to earn free bitcoins simply by predicting the price of bitcoin on exchanges. You earn money based on predictions. Examples are iOS and Android Spark Profit. You accumulate points as you play and can cash out once the points are enough (or at least 20,000 points).

• These games allow you to earn free cryptocurrencies by simulating markets and/or learning to trade digital assets. After learning, you can practice or participate in competitions to earn free BTC. Altcoin Fantasy is very popular. You can learn by exchanging virtual money and earning free BTC in contests. It has paid out more than $25,000 in prizes.

• Bitcoin Flip allows you to learn the basics of chart trading and the use of trading tools, then test your strategies with other users.