How To Get Free Bitcoins: Earn Free Bitcoin In 2023 (Page 7)

#8) Watching ads

Examples of sites where you can earn bitcoins by viewing ads are which allows you to earn by clicking an ad and waiting a certain amount of time and spinning and earning or inviting friends and you can earn commissions. You can also participate in contests for advertising points that can be converted into bitcoins.

#9) Through Free Cloud Mining Sites

Since cloud mining is very popular, there are sites where you can earn free BTC either as a bonus or free rewards with no deposit requirements. The ones that allow you to earn free BTC without investment are Bitland, which offers a bonus of 2000 Gh/s ($1) upon registration, 0.5% per day and an hourly bonus to the free account.

• also offers $1 bonus after sign up and referral bonus, 111 GH/S and offering 500 Gh/s sign up bonus, 100 GH/S, Clowerty.c 100 Gh/s and Bluemagic 100 GH/S signup bonus. Others include Cloud Bitcoin Miner, an app for Android and iOS.

#10) Through microtasks

These microtasks include surveys and tasks, and a user earns very little bitcoin after completing them. Cointiply, for example, has paid out more than $3 million in bitcoin since its inception. You will also receive a 1% bonus every day. is a platform where people can earn bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by completing microtasks like surveys. It is now part of Coinbase.

• The Coinbase Earn program also allows you to earn cryptocurrencies while learning more about them. You can earn by watching videos about specific crypto projects.

• Shopping online, downloading free apps, taking surveys, and watching videos – the FeaturePoints app for iOS and Android lets you earn bitcoins by doing all of these things. Storm Play also has surveys through which you can earn free bitcoins.

#11) By participating in hard forks

Crypto forks happen all the time in crypto projects. You can use Forkdrop and FindMyCoins to track the latest and upcoming crypto hard forks through which you can mine new coins.

All you have to do is buy as many coins as possible before a certain hard fork, and then when S happens that is, a good portion of free coins or tokens for the new chain.

#12) With fitness apps

Several apps offer bitcoin or cryptocurrency rewards for exercising. These include the Sweatcoin, iOS and Android app that allows you to earn free crypto e.g. walk. Others are lympo, which reward walking or running.

Geolocation and practice games, as the name suggests, have a location tag to earn free bitcoins. Geolocation games like Coin Hunt World allow players to earn free bitcoins by tracking blue keys on a map and you have to move in real life for the blue guy to move on the digital map.

#13) Watch videos, ads and social networks

You can earn crypto by watching videos through the free Bitcoin apps for Android and iOS.

• For example, the BTC Safari Android app rewards users for viewing ads.