How To Get Free Bitcoins: Earn Free Bitcoin In 2023 (6)

• The Monero Miner integration is also embedded in a website for the same reason as the Coin Miner and Monero WooCommerce Extension plugins.

• The WebMinePool Virtual Crypto Farm plugin for WordPress costs $13 and can be installed on a high-traffic website to mine, but it will inform visitors that you are using a crypto mining plugin. So you can go up or down. Mine Monero cryptocurrency.

#4) Earn free bitcoins through rewards

• Bounties are a great way for programmers or programmers and non-programmers to earn crypto by identifying and reporting platform vulnerabilities. Many crypto projects offer rewards as part of the development, whether in bitcoins or other tokens.

• In this regard, check out the bounty hunter platform Bounty0x, which also helps users learn crypto.

• Rewards can earn you a good amount of bitcoins.

#5) Earn with Crypto Airdrops

Airdrops are toke free ns offered at the start of a project for promotional purposes. Most projects use it as a public relations opportunity. To do this, you may need to perform some social tasks, such as B. Share links with your social networks. Currently, you can search for real crypto airdrops on CoinMarketCap,, Icomarks, and other platforms.

• Airdrops require you to do many small tasks like: B. Share promotional content on social media before you can earn anything substantial.

#6) Affiliates and referral sites

There are thousands of affiliate programs that can help you earn free cryptocurrencies. Affiliate marketing works best when you have a high traffic website and can generate massive traffic. You can then share your affiliate link on the site.

• allows you to earn free bitcoin cryptocurrency by referring users to the exchange. Other platforms that allow this are Paxful,, Bybit, Timebucks, Lolli and Cointiply affiliate programs. Depending on your network, this can generate a significant amount of cash.

#7) Learn about crypto

For example, Coinbase and CoinMarketCap regularly partner with participants in the crypto industry to promote their products and services or content and allow users to earn free crypto while learning. Although most of them are not opportunities to earn bitcoins, you can earn tokens and cryptos you earn and convert them to bitcoins.